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Donald Trump’s Art of the Steal
How the real estate magnate took the Republican Party from its old bosses


A Campaign Like No Other


Why Race and Tribe Trump Economics In the Current Presidential Campaign


Hillary and Women: Can Gender Be a Force Multiplier?

Clinton’s plan for getting out the vote

The Hidden Danger of TV’s True-Crime Obsession

The enthusiasm for shows like Making a Murderer isn’t all good

Eva Longoria and America Ferrara Return to TV, but Without the Spark

The Latina leads appear in Telenovela andSuperstore

My Open-Plan Life

And other tales of communal existence

The New Business of Breast-Feeding

Rock Musicals Heat Up Broadway’s Winter

From School of Rock to a new Billie Joe Armstrong musical

Exclusive: See How Big the Gig Economy Really Is

A new poll reveals the true size of the peer-to-peer revolution

Quick Talk With Natalie Dormer

The Game of Thrones actress now appears inThe Forest

Review: Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful EightRevels in Snow, Not So Much in People

All the promise of the first hour of the film is squandered in the last two

Review: There’s Lots of Suffering in The Revenant, But Bear With It

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu may have fashioned The Revenant as the ultimate endurance test, but its star, Leonardo DiCaprio, simply endures

Review: In Anomalisa, Puppets Have Problems Too

But once you start reckoning with Anomalisa’s obsession with self-absorption, the novelty of this one-man pity party begins to wear off.

Pop Chart


How Pandas Are Becoming a Tool of Chinese Diplomacy

As their numbers rise


Political Pop Songs

Why the Feds Held Back In Oregon

Next-Gen Gadgets

Review: In Tessa Hadley’s New Novel, Past Is Prologue

The Past unites four grown siblings for a vacation in the country


Beat Winter Blues

The Top 5 Geopolitical Risks for 2016

From a closed Europe to the China footprint

Presidential Power

Cutting Through the 2016 Hype

Despite wall-to-wall presidential coverage, some of the best stories of the campaign have been lost in the shuffle.


Chicago’s Urban Farm

An Unstable Saudi Arabia Could Mean Big Trouble for the Middle East

Inside the latest upheaval

Natalie Cole

Singer and Songwriter

Review: More Advice From the Tidy Queen in Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy

This time, with illustrations

9 Questions With Hoda Kotb

The co-host of the Today show’s fourth hour talks about her new book, Where We Belong, career paths and how to drink wine on television

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