December 30, 2015 11:20 AM EST

If Noted Doughnut Licker Ariana Grande and Noted Internet Hero Pizza Rat had a baby, it would be this raccoon. He popped out of the ceiling at a doughnut shop, and surveyed the delicious pastries before carefully lowering himself onto the shelves. Behold:

You’ll notice this creatures makes pretty much no effort to be stealthy and just totally goes for it. You’ll also notice that the people filming this event — most likely employees — are utterly delighted by this.

“He is doing it. Yes! This is incredible,” they say. They’re rooting for the raccoon, giggling with delight and cheering him on as he manages to get an entire doughnut into his little mouth.

Stay tuned just in case the raccoon pulls an Ariana Grande and posts an apology video on YouTube.

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