The Internet’s Latest Debate: How Would a Dog Wear Pants?

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Okay, it’s time to ask yourself an important question. Dogs don’t wear pants, but if they did, what would those pants look like? Turns out, this is quite the conundrum.

The following image has been spreading rapidly around sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter — and it’s got everybody talking:

The question of whether dogs would wear pants on all four legs or just the back two is basically the new “What color is this dress?” But according to a poll on one of the most retweeted versions of the image, the majority of people are going with back legs only:

One person on Reddit offered a very logical answer: “Well pants are a human invention so if they were to wear them like humans it would be like the ones on the right. However, if dogs invented dog pants it would be like the ones on the left, leaving the a–hole freely available for greetings and ice breakers.”

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