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December 21, 2015 3:38 PM EST

Adele Is Music’s Past, Present and Future

An Exciting Time to Lead Time

A letter from the publisher

Hillary Clinton Is Strong on Fighting ISIS—but Democrats Don’t Seem to Care

The Young Gun Gets the Gavel

Paul Ryan’s big plans to fix the House and the GOP

7 Questions With Nancy Pelosi

The House Democratic leader talks about gun control, elections and Speaker Paul Ryan

8 Questions With Gillian Anderson

The star of The X-Files on why she agreed to take on a new case

Review: The Force Awakens Is Everything You Could Hope for in a Star Wars Movie—and Less

While there are elements that feel special and fresh, mostly The Force Awakens strives to please instead of surprise.

The Absence of Global Leadership Will Shape a Tumultuous 2016

What to expect in the year ahead

Kevin Rudd on China in 2016

Managing new challenges at home, while approaching a greater role in the global order

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci on the Red Carpet, Instagram and the American Dream

How the Pied Piper of rebel chic keeps the house of Givenchy trending

James Murdoch on Media in 2016

Storytelling—both fiction and nonfiction, for good and for ill—will continue to define the world

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen on Technology in 2016

Inventive artificial intelligence will make all of us better

Christine Lagarde and David Lipton on Global Finance in 2016

The refugee flow won’t stop in 2016—unless the world gets serious about fixing fragile states

David Miliband on Human Rights in 2016

The refugee flow won’t stop in 2016—unless the world gets serious about fixing fragile states

Autism Risk From Antidepressants Is Very Small: Study

The latest study links depression treatments during pregnancy to a higher risk of autism—but the overall risk still remains small

How Ted Cruz Is Winning the GOP Race–on the Ground

Elizabeth Strout’s Ties that Bind and Sometimes Strangle

In My Name Is Lucy Barton, family is both a wound and a balm

The Arab Spring Turns Five

Rising Stars to Watch

These athletes are poised to take their sports by Storm

2016 Calendar

Next Ideas

Here’s a breakdown of the innovators in science and technology who will help shape the world

The Fear Index: What to Freak Out About in 2016

These scary things could happen in the next year


2016 Calendar

2016 Will Be a Busy Year for Space

Two spacecraft to two worlds will help answer one big question about the solar system

Turning the Page on Crime in 2016

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in Congress believe they can pass federal reforms on criminal justice

Predicting My 2016 Predictions

With methods from Superforecasting, I guess the future scientifically

The Milestones to Come in 2016

These are the anniversaries we will be marking

Meet Silicon Valley’s Global Rivals

Startups around the world are coming after services pioneered in the U.S. Here are the names you’ll hear in 2016

What It’s Like to Be Muslim In America, Post-Paris

Here Are Your New Food Rules

A simpler, more sane way to eat is here

The U.S. Government’s Finance Watchdog Gets Ready for 2016

How Mary Jo White is looking to the year ahead

Move Over, Millennials: Here Comes the Next Generation

Society is starting to obsess over the aughts kids that will define American culture

Fallout from the Fed’s Rate Hike

The Key to Getting Out the Vote in 2016

Elections are decided by the voters who show up

Frontiers In Health

The medical fields likely to have the biggest impact in 2016

Road to the Olympics

7 Questions with Jennifer Doudna

She co-developed a game-changing technique that allows scientists to edit any human gene. Now the field just needs to agree on when it’s O.K. to use it

8 Questions With Dave Roberts

The rookie manager and ex-Dodger takes over baseball’s most intriguing team

2016 Calendar

Satya Nadella Is Making Microsoft Cool. No, Seriously

2016 according to the CEO of the newly hot giant

A Financial Forecast for 2016

The world’s big economies are diverging

Degrees of Global Warming

The Paris Agreement, struck by nearly 200 countries on Dec. 12, aims to limit global warming. But just how much warmer it will get depends on how deeply countries cut carbon emissions.

Keep These 6 Common New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t be afraid to ask for help while goal-setting in 2016. Keeping promises can be tricky, whether it’s organizing your life or getting into shape, so we rounded up gear from Amazon to help you stick to six oft-abandoned resolutions.

For the Family That Plays Together

This season’s fondest memories are likely to be made at home, where the heart is–and where the fun is, thanks to a host of new games and accessories, both high-tech and old-school, from Amazon.

Stephen Curry and the Greatest Show on Earth

Why it’s only going to get Better

The Year Ahead in Sports

2016 will be a big year on the playing field

Homeland Security, ISIS and the Fight Against Fear

Jeh Johnson sees the war on terror come home

How Older Workers Prepare for Their Second Act

Some interns have a bit more gray in their hair

The Ever Expanding Universe of Harry Potter

A movie and play are set to make J.K. Rowling’s world even more magical—and profitable—in 2016

Turning the OJ Simpson Trial into Art on HBO

A new miniseries on the trial of another century

Quiz: Predict 2016’s Biggest Events

Practice your punditry

How Our Mood Can Affect Our Health

For better and for worse

El Niño Spells Disaster

The climate phenomenon will bring heavy rain to California and extreme weather around the world

What You Said About …

Where Does the LGBT Movement Go Now?

Caution and concern among activists after a year of big wins

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