December 4, 2015 12:23 PM EST

When you’re a baby sloth who has been orphaned, one of the best places to end up is Costa Rica’s Toucan Rescue Ranch. There the tiny adorable baby sloths are reared and rehabilitated and taught the skills they need to survive in the real world, where they will eventually be released.

In a new video shot on location at the rescue organization’s location near San Jose, Costa Rica, some baby sloths learn that there’s more to life than hanging around, because even the most slothful sloth has to learn to climb at some point. The Rescue Ranch uses rocking chairs to mimic the movement of a tree swaying in the breeze and sets the sloths out on a very slow-paced mission to make their way to the top. It’s an important skill for the sloths to learn but it also happens to be incredibly cute and downright inspiring to watch.

If you make it to the ranch, be sure to sign up to have breakfast with the babies and learn about their sloth rescue efforts while watching baby sloths get bottlefed.

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