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This Is the New Dress That’s Taking Over the Internet

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Proper workplace attire is important for all jobs, but sartorial choices matter more when you go on TV for a living. That’s why the web has been abuzz about the fact that female meteorologists all over the country are wearing the same dress.

The dress, made by Chinese company Homeyee and sold on Amazon, is available in a variety of bright colors, and it retails at less than $25, which is critical for television personalities who need a diverse wardrobe without breaking the bank. Below, see a collage made by one of the meteorologist showing the dress in all its glory.

So, why are so many meteorologists wearing the same dress? Because there are a lot of rules about what TV personalities—especially women—can wear on the news, and this dress hits all the marks.

There are certain colors you can’t wear—green especially since it can interfere with the “green screen” technology and make the wearer appear invisible. Stripes are also out because they can cause video interference in a problem known as “moiré interference.” The dress also has to be TV appropriate: One meteorologist says if it isn’t something you’d wear to a family event, you can’t wear it on the air.

With options so limited, when the dress ended up in a Facebook group for female meteorologists, it took off quickly.

This news comes just a year after a newscaster in Australia admitted he wore the exact same suit every day for a year. No one noticed.

This article originally appeared on Fortune.com.

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