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How to Beat ISIS

The war against the terror group requires the kind of grit and leadership that have gone missing

The Story from Paris–and Beyond

France’s Assimilation Challenge

For immigrants in France, being on the wrong side of the culture war feeds a sense of not -belonging

Can Silicon Valley Help Beat ISIS?

The Paris attacks have -revived a difficult debate about encryption

‘Jihadi John’

ISIS executioner

Terror’s Lineage

Former CIA Director: ISIS Will Strike America

The head of the UK’s domestic security agency recently warned that ISIS is planning mass casualty attacks in Britain. His concerns are well founded. We will not be far behind.

The 2016 Candidates Need Thoughtful Strategies on ISIS—Soon

Few politicians in either party are willing to address the issue directly

8 Steps to Defeating ISIS

The former supreme commander of NATO says we must build a coalition and offer a plan of attack

Why the World Weeps for Paris

ISIS struck at the heart of Western culture

Madeleine Albright: ISIS Wants Us to Think Refugees Are the Enemy

The U.S. must do its part to alleviate the crisis

Marine Le Pen: How France Will Conquer the Enemies of Liberty

‘Too often, we have confused hospitality with blindness’

The Hardest Question: Explaining the Paris Attacks to My Child

How to explain the inexplicable?

The 25 Best Inventions of 2015

Why Athletes Use Their Platform to Effect Change Off the Field

The Many Trials of Baltimore’s Rising Prosecutor

Inside Marilyn Mosby’s challenge

Charlotte Rampling

The English actor, 69, is earning rave reviews and Oscar buzz for her new movie, 45 Years, out on Dec. 23. Rampling plays a devoted wife living in the English countryside whose quiet marriage is upended by a revelation from long ago.

A Gift Guide for the Superfan in Your Life

Rock the halls

The Hunger Games Were Rigged

That’s why they always felt so real

An Epidemic of Discontent

Students across the country have risen up in protest recently over racial inequality in a range of areas, from underrepresentation to ineffective leadership to Halloween costumes. Is all of the outrage warranted?

Michael B. Jordan Punches His Way Into a New Weight Class With Creed

After earning raves for his roles in critically acclaimed TV dramas The Wire and Friday Night Lights

Sister Souljah’s New Moment

The rapper-turned-author and namesake for an iconic political maneuver has long since moved beyond the Clintons

What You Said About …

Toys That Aim to Help Train a New Generation of Engineers

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Socialism

Reviewing Where to Invade Next

Sam Yagan

Pope Francis Takes His Message to Africa

What to expect from the Pontiff’s latest world journey

Sisters Introduces Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Semisecret Sibling

The film is just one part of a breakout year for Paula Pell

The Donald Trump Mean-O-Meter

The Republican presidential front runner stepped up his campaign of insults in a speech at Iowa Central Community College on Nov. 12. Here is a look at the most blistering put-downs.

Aspirational Meets Enthusiastic In Coffee-Table Books for the Holidays

Concussion Hits But Doesn’t Sack the NFL’

The Will Smith film does the NFL no favors. But it could have been much, much worse

Carol Creates Chemistry On and Offscreen

Your Kids’ Financial Education Should Start Much Earlier Than You Think

The Danish Girl Reflects on Love’s Power to Transform

The film a thinly fictionalized retelling of the life of Elbe, a Danish painter

How Terror Could Kill the European Project

2015 Holiday Preview

Meet the Man Who Brought Down Volkswagen

How a tiny lab busted a giant automaker—and what it shows about the future of cheating

This Pill Can Stop the Spread of HIV. Can Doctors Get It Into the Right Hands?

Alaska Airlines and Delta Are at War Over Seattle

Who wins could change the way you fly—no matter where you’re headed

The Holiday Movie Matrix

Looking for a good laugh, a prestige pic, something the kids will love? This handy guide to 15 more films will point you in the right direction

Can American Afford This Approach to Solving Student Loan Debt?

President Clinton tried. President Bush tried. President Obama thinks he has answer



Medication Myths

A World Health Organization survey of about 10,000 people in 12 countries reveals widespread misconceptions about antibiotic resistance. Here are some common myths.

Heart of Darthness

Prepare for the plot twists of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Dec. 18) by brushing up on Anakin Skywalker’s story arc

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