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Ronda Rousey’s Plans for How to Spend Her Fight Money Are Not What You’d Expect

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Ronda Rousey doesn’t face off against Holly Holm in the UFC 193 Championship until Saturday, but she’s already made plans for how to spend the $5-10 million in compensation for her upcoming fight—and they’re surprisingly modest for an MMA superstar.

“I want to get some vertical gardens. I don’t think they are that expensive, though, but that’s what I want. I am a woman of simple tastes,” Rousey said, explaining to USA Today that her yard is pretty small. “I don’t really have many plants except for I have ordered grass to come in so the dog can pee on it.”

Rousey’s right: vertical gardens aren’t that expensive. This sturdy-looking wood version is $186.64 on Amazon, and since Prime shipping is included, Rousey could purchase over 53,000 of them with her winnings.

The MMA star been speaking confidently about her fight against Holm for weeks. “What makes me so confident is that I’m the greatest fighter in the world,” she explained when she discussed her impending win at a promotional event in September.


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