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November 12, 2015 9:55 AM EST

How Do You Forgive a Murder?

The Quality of Mercy

Why the Emanuel Gunman May Not Get the Death Penalty

Searching for Signs of a Change in Charleston

A Grieving Congregation Struggles with the Spotlight

How Publishing Salaries Could Close the Wage Gap

Companies consider transparency

A More Dangerous ISIS Is Now the Ultimate Terrorist Group

The organization has become stronger and more threatening

Review: The Mare Is a Story of Defiance

A girl and her horse anchor Mary Gaitskill’s new novel

Review: On Your Feet! Dances to a Familiar Beat

Inside the new Gloria Estefan musical

Why Your Blood Pressure Might Actually Be Too Low

New evidence shows high blood pressure is your heart’s worst enemy

Global Foods You Can’t Eat In the U.S.

Why the Migrant Issue Divides Europe

The question is more serious to the continent’s future than anything in recent memory

Russia’s Athlete-Doping Scandal

How the GOP Resurrected the Flat Tax

Republicans shun progressive tax systems

A Costume Drama at Yale

Protests reveal growing divides on American campuses

Race and Resignations at the University of Missouri

Colleges should not be like corporations

Quick Talk With Hailee Steinfeld

The actress is releasing her debut EP, Haiz

Tom Hardy Doubles the Trouble inLegend

The actor plays both plays Reggie and Ronnie Kray in the new film


Review: James White Is Set to Stun

Christopher Abbott finds power in his role as the troubled son of a dying mother

Cooking With My Son and aMasterChef Junior Contestant

My kid is now even less impressed by my cuisine

Fashion Advice From an Actual Dapper Dan

Man Made has grooming tips for the menfolk

Ugliness: A Cultural History

12 Questions With Bill Nye

Bill Nye The Science Guy follows Undeniable, his defense of evolution, with his new book, Unstoppable, a call to action on climate change

Review: The 33 Makes a Big Impact Underground

The film marks one of Antonio Banderas’s best performances in years

Did Dark Matter Murder the Dinosaurs?

What You Said About …

Does Catalonia Have a Hope of Seceding from Spain?


Battle of the Heartthrobs

A New Hope for the Treatment and Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Inside the latest advancements

The Twisted Tower

Marriage Tips from the First First Couple

Reviewing Flora Fraser’s new book The Washingtons

Pop Chart

Allen Toussaint

New Orleans R&B giant

Saving Thanksgiving from Black Friday

What People Want from Virtual Reality

Review: By the Sea Finds a Marriage Adrift in Beauty and Grief

The film Reunites Brad and Angelina on screen

Which Countries Censor the Internet?

According to a new report, it’s more than you think

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