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Here are the Secret Service Codenames for Donald Trump and Ben Carson

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Two Republican presidential candidates have gotten their Secret Service codenames, but not the ones they picked in September.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has been assigned the name “Mogul,” while retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been assigned “Eli,” a reference to a common name for students at Yale, where he attended undergraduate, and also a biblical figure whose name means “God is most high,” according to Fox News correspondent Ed Henry.

During a lightning-round question at the second Republican debate about what Secret Service codenames the candidates would like, Trump jokingly suggested “Humble,” while Carson went with “One Nation.”

The two candidates, who are currently atop the Republican field in polls, requested protection in mid-October. The Secret Service granted their requests last week and service will reportedly begin for Trump on Wednesday morning.

Secret Service codenames are not actually secret or code, they are designed to make it easier for agents to communicate about the person they are protecting. President Obama’s codename is Renegade, while George W. Bush’s was Trailblazer.

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