See Every James Bond Gadget in One Mind-Blowing Video

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James Bond is known for his gadgets, and a new video lets you see all of them at once.

The YouTube channel Burger Fiction has made a supercut of every awesome gadget built for Bond by Q Branch in 16 minutes and 39 seconds. Totaling 193 gadgets in all, this montage of the 007 technology includes a lot of standard grappling hooks, lasers, rockets and so forth, but there are some true gems like the spike umbrella, the classic car ejection seat and the Aston Martin car fire hose.

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A few are also deliciously mystifying, like the land boat and the pocket finger trap (because you never know when a bad guy is going to stick his hand down your coat pocket?). And there are some charming anachronisms, like the car landline, the ticker tape printing watch, the underwater camera (!), and underwear vision, which is basically TSA body scanner glasses.

What’s eminently clear is that technological advances have not been kind to Bond technology, which was clearly better in the old days. Bring back the crocodile submarine! Bring back the inflating pill!

Watch the video below:

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