It’s Already Black Friday at Amazon

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Black Friday is still weeks away, but Amazon is already starting its sales. The online retailer has launched its Black Friday Deals store, which features discounts on everything from smartphones to video games and sneakers.

The idea is to get shoppers excited for the actual Black Friday, which takes place Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving. Amazon is counting down the days by offering different deals daily in its “Deals of the Day” section. There’s a special bonus for Amazon Prime members this year, too — the company says those with Prime will get access to 30,000 deals 30 minutes before non-Prime customers.

Amazon says that its Black Friday store will offer “tens of thousands” of deals between now and Dec. 22. Some notable tech deals on Nov. 2 include an unlocked 16GB Moto X smartphone for $200, which usually costs $300. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is on sale for $40, which is a notable discount off its usual price of about $60. Amazon is also selling a pair of AngLink Bluetooth 4.1 headphones for $21.50 as part of a Prime Early Access deal. The earbuds usually cost $60.

Black Friday sales are usually big for Amazon, but the company saw even more success during Prime Day in July. The company promoted Prime Day as a Black Friday in July sales event, and said that it sold more units globally on that day than it did on Black Friday in 2014.

Malls Are Dying. This Man Knows How to Save Them

La Gran Plaza
Kids play under their mother's supervision at La Gran Plaza, March 23, 2014. Many families cited the safe environment and familiar atmosphere at the mall as one of the reasons they liked to come for the day.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
A mariachi at La Gran Plaza mall outside Fort Worth, Texas.Ross McDonnell for TIME
José de Jesús Legaspi
José de Jesús Legaspi, a Mexican impresario and owner of La Gran Plaza mall outside Fort Worth, Texas. Legaspi's business is focused on converting dying American mall spaces and converting them to shopping centers tailored to the Hispanic, specifically the Mexican/American market.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Religious items
A stall selling Mexican religious icons, Jesus, the Virgin de Guadalupe and the Santa Muerte. Stalls like this are popular in Mexican markets, largely catering to those who feel in need of spiritual cleansing.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Margarito Vences & Angelita Rodriguez
Margarito Vences and Angelita Rogeriguez, from Michoacán, Mexico, like to co-ordinate their outfits and buy clothes when they come to the mall.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Interior Photo Studio
Quinceañera portraits are the main source of income for this photo studio at La Gran Plaza.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Samantha Lujan
A portrait of Samantha Lujan, 10, trying on dresses for her First Communion at La Gran Plaza. Samantha's family are originally from Durango, Mexico. They moved to California and now live in Fort Worth.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Jorge Barraza
A portrait of Jorge Barraza, 19, from Long Beach, Calif., who works at a store specialising in Western wear. Jorge has spent time in both the U.S. and in Durango, Mexico, where his family is originally from. Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Esmerelda Walker
Esmerelda Walker works in a candy store specializing in Mexican candy at the mall. She has lived in the U.S. for 16 years.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Fernando and Junior Davilla
A portrait of Fernando Davilla and his 6-month-old son, Junior, at the mall. Originally from Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, the Davilla's now live in Austin. They travelled all the way to Fort Worth to see family and shop.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
A girl sits on the edge of the stage beside a Mariachi's sombrero and trumpet before the weekend's entertainment begins.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
A scene inside El Mercado section of La Gran Plaza. In many ways the mall is a microcosm of the Mexican-American experience, mixing capitalist enterprise with Mexican 'sabor' or flavor.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Cowboy Attaire
Colorful cowboy boots are lined up for sale at La Gran Plaza.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza - Piñatas
Piñatas hang from the ceiling in a store at the mall. Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
A mariachi stands outside La Gran Plaza mall. The mariachi outfits are custom made for the mall.Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
Mariachis start their performance for a packed audience. Ross McDonnell for TIME
La Gran Plaza
Shoppers leave La Gran Plaza at the end of a busy Sunday. Focus on a fun, family atmosphere with a flavor of the Mexican "mercado" have made the turnaround a huge success.Ross McDonnell for TIME

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