Count Dracula from Dracula, 1931.
Count Dracula from Dracula, 1931.Getty Images
Count Dracula from Dracula, 1931.
Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein, 1931.
Imhotep from The Mummy, 1932.
The Wolf Man from The Wolf Man, 1941.
Gill-man from Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954.
Godzilla from Godzilla, 1954.
Jaws from Jaws, 1975.
The Alien from Alien, 1979.
The Thing from The Thing, 1982.
Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984.
Pennywise from It, 1990.
Samara from The Ring, 2002.
Count Dracula from Dracula, 1931.
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