By Megan McCluskey
October 29, 2015

Drivers will do anything to try to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic, including enlisting the help of the undead. On Tuesday, Washington State Patrol reported that a trooper caught a carpool lane violator near Tacoma using a “zombie baby” as his second rider.

The doll was dressed in a pink onesie and black hat, and police said the man buckled it into the passenger side of his car before entering the high-occupancy vehicle lane. Trooper Guy Gill, public information officer for the Washington State Patrol District 1, tweeted a picture of the creepy prop strapped into the front seat.

Gill said the driver’s trick was not difficult for police to spot. “He did a good job dressing it up, he put some thought into it, but it was not hard to tell it was a not child,” he told the New York Daily News.

The driver was fined $136 for driving in the carpool lane, but police said they gave him a break for not having the doll in a car seat.

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