By Nolan Feeney
October 29, 2015

British soul singers and rappers frequently make a great team, but Adele’s swelling comeback single “Hello” was an unlikely candidate for a rap remix. The record-breaking track barely has any drums, it’s BPM is on the lethargic side and it’s a fairly quiet tune overall—barring the few parts when Adele really belts it out. But lo and behold, Rick Ross has gone ahead and remixed it anyway, and the result is…actually pretty touching. The rapper best known for his hustlin’ manifesto sounds surprisingly at home on the track when he shows up on the second verse to get in touch with his feelings. (Sample lyric: “Invited to the Grammys/ but I feel so out of place.”) Did anybody ask for this? No. Are we glad to have it? Please—does Rick Ross love pears?

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