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Red Meat, Hot Dogs and the War on Delicious

A new report linking meat with cancer raises questions about America’s–and the world’s–eating habits

A GOP Identity Crisis Eases the Path for Hillary Clinton

But she will need a backbone

The E.U. Is Challenged from Within

The real contest will be in Europe’s three biggest countries: the U.K., France and Germany

Review: Bob Dylan’s The Cutting Edge Bootleg Series

Outtakes from his most fertile era are the ballads of a spin man

10 Questions With Drew Barrymore

The actor, producer and entrepreneur discusses her Hollywood childhood, working less and her new book Wildflower

The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015

Why (Almost) Everyone Is Embracing the Digital Doctor

Healthcare is coming soon to a screen near you

Halo 5 Is (a Lot) More of the Same

Reviewing the new game

How E-Mail Killer Slack Will Change the Future of Work

Slack’s slick messaging software has convinced companies of all sizes they can move past the inbox. But is what comes next better—or worse?

Quick Talk With Tyler Oakley

The Internet personality is the author of a new book,Binge

The Challenges Facing Argentina’s Next President

I Invent The Holiday You’ve Always Missed

Without knowing you were missing it

Our Brand Is Crisis Wages Political War With an All-Too-Easy Message

Reviewing the new Sandra Bullock film

The World’s Quietest Place

Yemen’s Neglected Disaster

The war has taken a horrific toll on the country’s people

Pop Chart

The Cardboard Car

At a recent design show, Lexus debuted a working version of its IS sedan made almost entirely of cardboard. Here’s how it came about.

Maureen O’Hara

A Hollywood classic



Sen. Lamar Alexander: Obama Should ‘Stop and Think’ On Over-Testing Problem

Teachers know better than Washington how to assess their students’ progress

Clowns Turned Politicians

Satirist Jimmy Morales was elected President of Guatemala on Oct. 25 on an anticorruption platform, despite having no experience in politics. He’s far from the first joker to actually get ahead in government.

The Past Comes Back to Haunt Us in The Witches

Reviewing Stacy Schiff’s new book on Salem in 1692

Is the Ferguson Effect For Real?

President Obama and the FBI director square off

The Business of Bringing Luxury to the Masses


What You Said About …

A Resurgent Russia Is Active In Syria and Beyond

How the U.S. is reacting

The House of the Spirits–Evil Ones

Reviewing the Cloud Atlas author’s new book

How the Government Created Your Cell Phone

Review: A Colorful Journey to Brooklyn

Saoirse Ronan stars in the new film

Paul Ryan’s New Republican Playbook

What he’ll have to do next

A Survey Shows How Frank Stella Knocked Abstraction Flat, Then Sent It Flying

Drone Delivery


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