This Is How Edward Snowden Trolled the Military Over Escaped Blimp

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Edward Snowden believes he has something in common with the large military blimp that came unmoored in Maryland on Wednesday. Snowden, who leaked information about top-secret government programs in 2013, joked on Twitter that the loose blimp wasn’t the first time “mass surveillance [led] to unauthorized travel.”

The former computer specialist at the National Security Agency (NSA) now lives in Russia, where he has received political asylum. His travels were the subject of much speculation around the world when the information he leaked first made headlines. Snowden traveled from from Hong Kong to Russia, where he stayed after the U.S. government revoked his passport.

The blimp began its unauthorized travel on Wednesday afternoon when it detached from its mooring and floated above Pennsylvania. The U.S. Air National Guard dispatched two F-16s to monitor the blimp.

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