Gaming Hero Beats Super Mario Bros in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Princess Peach didn’t have to suffer the indignities of King Koopa’s kidnapping for very long when YouTuber Darbian was running the Nintendo Entertainment System controllers.

Darbian beat Super Mario Bros. in just 4:57:627 on Sunday (yes, warp zones were involved), beating out the previous world record of 4:57:69. The impressive feat was performed on an actual old school NES console. To blaze through the levels at a rapid clip involved some very deft and incredibly economical gaming skills allowing for few extraneous moves.

The best part about these world record runs is that while they can still be played in a living room or mancave, they are posted to the web in their entirety, so wannabe gamers can watch every tense moment from the edge of their seats. Thanks to Twitch, you can even watch Darbian’s heart rate as it spikes in response to the onscreen speedrun action.

While other gamers will undoubtedly try to shave a few seconds (or even just milliseconds) off this world record time, it probably won’t be a teenager.

[H/T Death and Taxes]

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