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This Back Flipping Hamster Is Amazing and Also Possibly Malfunctioning

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How do you know if your hamster is broken? YouTube user Ivan Ivanovich recently posted a video of a cage of hamsters with the title, “I think this hamster is broken.” After careful and repeated observation of the video (on a loop, for research purposes, naturally), Ivanovich may be on to something.

The video shows a busy scene of hamsters running amok, but one hamster soon figures out how to rise above the rest and get all the attention for himself. He starts repeatedly back-flipping from the food dish. It’s adorable and compelling, but also completely odd. Like when a Furby‘s motherboard malfunctions or a Roomba goes crazy, but in actual mammal form. Does the furry little friend want to join the hamster circus? Is it Runaway Ralph just waiting for a motorcycle? Or is he simply a malfunctioning mammal desperately in need of some quality time in a hamster wheel? Best to watch the video a few more times and try to figure it out.

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