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New ‘Rage Room’ Lets Customers Relieve Stress by Breaking Stuff

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Ever feel like there’s nothing you want to do more than swing a sledge hammer through an old TV set?

Well fantasize no more. In the town of Lodz, in central Poland, a new “rage room” has opened up where customers can pay for the privilege of smashing normal household items like computer monitors, glass cups, TVs, and more, the Telegraph reports. For 35 euros customers can spend half an hour in the rage room with their choice of weapon—baseball bat? crow bar?—and rip through the dark corners of their subconscious by smashing everything in the room to shreds. All the items are obtained from free online recycling websites.

“It is perfect for everyone. I would say it is better for calm people who just want to come here, get wild and destroy something, what is usually forbidden,” business owner Zdzisław Hoffmann told the Telegraph. “I was always fascinated how people can throw out a TV set from 11th floor after a football match. So now people can come here and do it for themselves. That’s fun.”

Feeling lucky? The extra bold you can even smash a mirror.


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