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Lucky Charms wants consumers to enter to win a chance to get one of ten available boxes of Lucky Charms that contains only the best part — the rainbow-colored marshmallows. All you have to do is send a photo of yourself holding an “imaginary box” with the appropriate hashtag via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between Oct. 14-18. The brand also hopes rapper Biz Markie will inspire you to play along in a sort of psychedelic ad.

Rather than humiliate yourself by allowing the company to tweet a photo of you holding nothing, just think: While a marshmallow-only box might sound like a dream come true, arguably the whole fun of eating the cereal is the challenge of trying to find the rainbow-colored marshmallow bits in a milky sea of boring oat pieces. So once the game no longer exists, you’ll just be left with a lot of overly-sweet, rainbow-colored shapes that are too rich to eat more than a spoonful of. Sometimes less is more, kids. Also, we don’t need any more excuses to take selfies.

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