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A smiling Kanye West fake-auditioned for American Idol in San Francisco.

A Will Ferrell–themed bar called Stay Classy New York just opened in New York City.

Geeks united in Gotham for the city’s 10th annual Comic Con. But cosplayers–fans who pay tribute to their favorite characters with elaborate costumes–are the main attraction.

Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars inked a deal with NBC to produce a TV pilot that centers on a boisterous musical family in the Bronx.

The ZERO mimics the look and feel of a smartphone but has absolutely no function. Its creators see it as a way to help wean tech addicts from devices.

Santa Monica, Calif., restaurant Chomp debuted a pumpkin-spice fried-chicken doughnut burger.

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‘I don’t want to win one of those things ever.’

Johnny Depp on the Oscars, citing not wanting to give a speech as the reason

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson apologized for posting an Instagram photo of herself in what the caption called a Cecil the Lion Halloween costume.

Taylor Swift has said she may go on a hiatus soon: “People might need a break from me.”

Fans had mixed reactions to Stephenie Meyer’s new book, a gender-swapped version of her hit Twilight.

A new Boston-based website called ShipFoliage.com will send you three brightly colored New England leaves for $19.99 (plus shipping). But it’s not the first company that will ship random items to you (or an unsuspecting friend):

Mail a Spud

Customers can send a personalized message written directly on a stamp-covered, unpackaged potato to anyone in the U.S.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Initially a marketing stunt, this fully functional operation now lets you mail the notoriously messy arts-and-crafts supply to your foes.

Ship Snow, Yo!

During the winter, anyone in the U.S. can have a box of Boston snow shipped to them–as long as supplies last, of course.

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