Green Piece

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If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, which should you buy at the grocery store, an apple or a banana? A wearable app called Worldbeing, currently in development, aims to answer that question and others that might cross an eco-conscious mind.


Developed by Benjamin Hubert of U.K. design studio Layer, the app will track users’ daily carbon footprints using a Fitbit-like device that measures everything from your restaurant order to how far you walk to the lights you use at home (which it will remind you to turn off).


Worldbeing aims to launch in 2017, with plans to link the software to retailers, enabling users to estimate their output in advance. “The longer you use it for, the more attuned it becomes to your lifestyle,” says Hubert.


The developers hope the app will serve as a social network in which friends can urge one another to fight climate change. The goal, they say, is “empowering you to make better decisions.”

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