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October 12, 2015 8:56 AM EDT

The first Democratic debate is taking place in Las Vegas tomorrow night, providing another test for the dueling Clinton and Sanders, and providing their long-shot opponents with an opportunity to draw some attention. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to reveal his intentions about a presidential run. And President Obama is reengaging in politics, devoting a set of West Coast fundraisers this weekend to bashing Republican “false prophets” and suggesting the GOP has gone “off the deep end.” It comes as his own legacy is set to be the subject of the Democratic debate, and as he is at odds with his own party’s leading candidates on trade issues.

The race for Speaker of the House remains in flux as the GOP prays Rep. Paul Ryan will put self-interest aside and run for the job. Ryan is concerned about the time on the road—Boehner spent about 200 days traveling each year—not to mention the challenge of being responsible for governing what has proved to be an ungovernable conference. The former 2012 VP nominee is already facing opposition research attacks from the conservative wing of the GOP, and it’s far from a certainty that he could avoid the same fates as John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy.

Jeb Bush is leaning on his family for support, most visibly this week by his mother sporting a Jeb! sticker as his dad threw out the first pitch at the Astro’s game. Their impact will be truly known this week when he releases his third quarter campaign finance report. Ben Carson doubles down on guns and the Holocaust. And the DNC targets one of its own over debate comments.

Here are your must reads:

Must Reads

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Sound Off

“It’s not hyperbole at all. Whether it’s on our doorstep or whether it’s 50 years away, it’s still a concern and it’s something that we must guard against. That’s one of the real purposes of having a Constitution. I think the founders were really quite insightful into looking at possibilities and understanding what has happened in other places and trying to put together something that would prevent that from happening here.” — Ben Carson defending his assertion that the Holocaust would not had occurred had Jews been armed in an interview with CBS Face the Nation

“And the other side has gone off the deep end. And what you’re witnessing in the House fight right now is that even deeply conservative folks are not considered ideologically pure enough, and we would rather burn the house down than admit the possibility of a democratic process that requires compromise. And we have to beat that kind of mindset.” — President Obama on the GOP at a Democratic fundraiser

Bits and Bites

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