October 10, 2015 5:40 PM EDT

The Cyber Activists Who Wants to Shut Down ISIS – Simon Cottee, The Atlantic

ISIS vs. cyber-nerd vigilante. If there’s a better stand-in for the complexities of modern combat, I haven’t seen it.

What It’s Like to Grow Up as a Closeted Gay Extremist Muslim — Sohail Ahmed, Vice

Sexual repression meets brainwashing. A combustible combination.

The Secret Maoist Chinese Operation That Conquered Malaria—and Won a Nobel – Jia-Chen Fu, The New Republic

Iran’s Identity Crisis – Kim Ghattas, Foreign Policy

If the lifting of sanctions raises public expectations for more change and puts a lot more disposable income in people’s pockets, what will that mean for the aspirations of Iran’s young people for a more “modern” way of life and the desire of conservatives to prevent them from having it?

Equal Opportunity Terrorism –Farahnaz Ispahani & Nina Shea, The Weekly Standard

Sadism has no gender.

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