October 7, 2015 6:14 PM EDT

Demarjay Smith, an 8-year-old YouTube star, pulled off the upset of the century when he beat Usain Bolt in a race on Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Smith appeared on Ellen to talk about his viral workout videos, the cause of his rising Internet fame. Little did he know that the Olympic gold medalist would show up to truly test his fitness.

After Smith tells Degeneres that he could “100 percent” beat Bolt in a race, the sprinter appears from offstage to accept his challenge. The three all do some push-ups together before heading out to the parking lot.

“Come on, Usain, don’t be scared of me,” the boy says.

The starting horn is blown and the competitors take off. They run neck and neck for almost the entire race until Bolt pulls up with a “leg cramp” and Smith crosses the finish line in the lead.

Where can we sign up for a personal training class with this kid?

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