October 7, 2015 10:45 AM EDT

A group hoping to nudge Joe Biden into the 2016 race has cut a video hoping to build support for a possible campaign.

The Draft Biden group, which is not affiliated with the Vice President, released on Wednesday a dramatic clip of Biden’s emotional telling of the loss of a daughter and his first wife. The ad also features photographs of son Beau Biden, who died earlier this year. The video then urges voters to translate their own losses into action to change the world. The ad ends urging: “Joe, run.”

The ad is 90 seconds long—not the typical 30- or 60-second increment typically sold on traditional broadcast stations. For the moment, the ad is not running on televisions. The group, however, is using it to raise money and advisers say it will start running on CNN next week.

Biden is mulling a 2016 campaign but remains deeply pained over the loss earlier this year of his son, Beau. The former Delaware Attorney General urged the man he called “pop” to make a third run for President. The elder Biden has asked aides to consider what steps that would take.

Time, however, is running out for Biden. His would-be Democratic rivals are meeting for their first debate on Tuesday, and so far there’s no indication the Vice President will join them. Instead, there will be a handful of Draft Biden ads running during the debate’s lead-up to represent the Vice President.

Biden’s supporters, who are organizing under the banner of a super PAC, can accept unlimited donations but cannot coordinate with Biden himself. At the White House, aides say Biden is taking the time he needs to mull whether he has another campaign in him.

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