Minecraft Just Got An Exhilarating New Feature

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Imagine flying in Minecraft, and I don’t mean creative mode’s crude level editor shtick, where you sort of float through space like a zombie. I’m talking bona fide soaring, swooping and gliding, Batman-style.

Well that particular eagle just landed — it’s available right now for PC version users.

Minecraft maven Jens Bergensten (the game’s lead developer for the past four years) tweeted yesterday about a “dramatic feature, likely out in the next snapshot.” Snapshots are Minecraft-speak for PC version game features you can fiddle with early, if you opt to ride Minecraft‘s “experimental” update train.

Bergensten followed with a shot of the new feature in motion, calling it a “work in progress.”

When you’re on the ground, the cape folds up, and you can’t craft it–it’s a finders-only thing. But if you do manage to unearth one, Bergensten teases you can use it to “fly past the bad guys who are all shooting you with surprisingly bad accuracy, swoop down and land flawlessly into a strategically placed boat and then paddle away at moderately high speeds with the stolen prize pig in the back.”

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