October 6, 2015 12:30 PM EDT

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to being a brand ambassador, and now she can add the world’s largest international carrier, Emirates Airline, to the list.

The 46-year-old actress stars in a fun newly-released commercial that shows Justin Theroux‘s bride wearing a white bathrobe.

While Aniston knows all about the jet-set lifestyle in real life, the Friends alum gets a glimpse – or nightmare – of what it’s like to be stuck in coach.

“Hi, I’m looking for the shower?” she tells the flight crew, who could only offer a bag of peanuts and hot towel.

“Emirates planes have showers and they have bars,” Aniston retorts with a loofah back scrubber brush and toiletry bag in hand.

But don’t fret Jen, it was only a case of night terrors. The star wakes up in her reclining bed-like seat with her iPad propped by her side.

Aniston reportedly signed a $5 million contract with Emirates in August, and will appear in TV and print ads.

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