October 6, 2015 12:20 PM EDT

Winter is coming to Silicon Valley.

A new video from Vanity Fair re-imagines the home of most of the world’s largest tech companies as a Game of Thrones style battle royale.

In the dark times following the great crash, a wasteland arose in Silicon Valley. Soon the Valley came to be dominated by “broad broadband bandits” determined to wipe each other from this plane of existence.

On their heels came tech companies eager to take on all comers. On one side of the Valley, rose two gods from the quads of Stanford, who at least used to believe in the idea “don’t be evil.” On the other side sits a mysterious figure in black whose specter looms large over a highly futuristic camp. And look out for the “impetuous young warlord hellbent on nothing less than collecting his enemies’ faces …in a book.”

But they are not alone in their drive to conquer the online world. There’s an alliance of “upstart startups” gathering together and they will not rest until “every last status is shared.” Dark times indeed.


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