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Some French bulldogs are very welcoming to the wildlife they encounter, like this pup named Ellie-Mae who spent a glorious 30 minutes playing with a deer in her backyard. But others, like this heroic little beast named Jules, get far more protective of their turf.

Watch below as Jules scares off two 100-pound bears who were approaching her family’s home in Monrovia, Calif. According to CBS News, a third bear was also prowling the property, but wasn’t caught on camera. Jules’ owner, David Hernandez, said he recently set up the surveillance system specifically to monitor bears. They’ve been making frequent visits looking for food after wildfires have impacted their supply.

As you’ll see, Jules does not mess around with these intruders. She chases them so aggressively that one bear scales a fence to escape her fury.

“She blew me away,” Hernandez told CBS News. “Couldn’t believe that she turned into a Wolverine.”

In exchange for her valiant actions, Jules received a bath, treats and plenty of kisses.

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