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Sanford Police Department

Every day, police have to put a stop to some type of monkey business. But on Monday morning, Florida cops got a call about an actual monkey at the center of some monkey business.

Shortly after 8:00 a.m., someone called 911 to report a monkey sitting on top of a mailbox, eating mail, in the Hidden Lakes subdivision of Sanford. When officers from the Sanford Police Department showed up, the monkey was found climbing a street sign. They used a water bottle to “lure” the animal towards their patrol car, the public information officer said, which distracted the animal for a bit. But then it leapt to the top of the vehicle and started to pull off the molding before its owner, a Sanford resident, came and identified him as “Zeek.”

Sanford Police Department posted the following photos and videos of the incident on Facebook:

Sanford Police Department
Sanford Police Department
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