Here’s Where IT Pros Make the Most Money

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India might be known for its information technology specialists, but those IT professionals may soon be looking elsewhere for work opportunities.

Between 2014 and 2015, IT professionals’ salaries in India rose slightly, but the incomes of China’s IT professionals surpassed them, according to a survey of salaries by and reported in The Wall Street Journal.

The average Indian mid-level IT professional salary this year was $41,213, only slightly higher than last year’s $40,329. That’s about a third of the $132,877 professionals are paid in the United States, and lower than the $42,689 paid in China.

But Switzerland takes the cake by far when it comes to payments to IT professionals. The nation’s IT workers are paid $171, 465 each year on average, according to the report. (See the chart below for more).

The Journal has previously reported that some American companies are beginning to scale back their IT outsourcing as they shift to cloud computing.

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