This Duck-Shaped Tomato Is the Cutest Piece of Fruit You’ve Ever Seen

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A Michigan woman has picked a strangely shaped fruit out of her garden.

While going about her normal green-thumb business, Marie Davidek came across an extraordinary tomato — this red fruit looked remarkably like a duck.

Davidek described her surprise at finding the tomato with an uncanny bird resemblance.

“I thought gee, that’s kind of strange,” she said. “And then I put him down and looked at him and thought, to me, he looks like a duck.”

Davidek said she and husband Bob plan to wait to eat the unique tomato for as long as possible. She hopes that sharing her story will help others discover their own green thumbs.

“This is really something that I think a lot of people should see,” she said. “Maybe somebody else will start doing a garden.”

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