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This Supercut of Movie Phone Calls Is The Best Game of Telephone Ever

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There are certain tropes in movies that never make much of an impression until some Internet genius cuts and pastes a bunch of them together into one great supercut. Take for example the on-screen phone call. It rarely warrants a second thought as a stand-alone moment in a film, but when Burger Fiction puts them all together it plays like the best game of telephone ever.

From Drew Barrymore answering the phone in the opening moments of Scream to Harrison Ford as the president desperately calling for assistance in Air Force One or Napoleon Dynamite simply wanting a Chapstick delivery they are all connected via the telephone. In the supercut the phone calls blend together almost seamlessly with Michael Douglas in Wall Street calling an unfortunate soul trapped in Jigsaw’s basement of horrors in Saw who demands to know who he is talking to (it’s George Clooney in One Fine Day!)

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