Bernie Sanders, photographed on Sep. 15
Photograph by Stephen Voss for TIME
September 17, 2015 6:47 AM EDT

The Gospel of Bernie
The man who brought fire back to the Democratic Party

Labour’s New Leader Shakes U.K. Politics

Pope Francis and the New Roman Empire
From Cuba to climate change, he has revitalized the Vatican’s role in global diplomacy. Now he’s bringing his activist agenda to the U.S.

Meet the Doctors Fighting to Grant Patients the Right to Die
Trained to preserve life, but seeking to allow some to end theirs on their own terms

Why Ambition Isn’t Working for Women
It’s not that women are less driven. But the things they strive for aren’t helping them get to the top

Elena Ferrante May Be the Finest Author You’ve Never Heard Of
The anonymous Italian author is becoming an icon

How Johnny Depp Transformed Himself to Play Whitey Bulger
The actor’s new jaunt in Black Mass

Review: Everest’s Peak Experience Underrates the Mountain
Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new film

Tennis Balls and Trash Give Pablo Picasso Another Dimension
The master’s sculptures arrive at MoMA

Review: Holmes Is Where the Heart Is
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar releases Mycroft Holmes

Quick Talk With Jewel
The singer releases a new album and memoir

What the 2016 Candidates Are Selling on Their Websites
As the witty merch goes, so goes the nation

11 Questions With Aberash Bekele
The subject of Angelina Jolie’s new movie talks about her life as a child bride who killed her would-be husband

Is the 8-Year Auto Loan In Your Best Interest?
Crunching the numbers

Meet the Houston Texans’ Rising Superstar
JJ Watt is among the best defensive ends in the NFL

Why Colleges Need Helicopter Parents
Sometimes, backing off is not what a kid needs

Why It’s Tough to Survive a Year in Space
The science behind the struggle

The Ultimate Air Purifier
Designer Daan Roosegaarde’s “smog vacuum cleaner” aims to reduce Rotterdam’s growing air pollution.


The Migrant Crisis Is a Major Test for European Identity–and Unity

Assessing the Pope at High Altitude

Global Warming’s Comeback
It may not have always felt like it, but global warming slowed in the decade before 2010. Temperatures rose just 0.09°F, down from 0.2°F average growth in each of the six previous decades. Now a new study by the U.K’s Met Office says the “hiatus” has ended and predicts the next two years will be the hottest on record.

Australia’s Game of Thrones

Perfect Your Predictions

College Buyouts
Ex–University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson, who resigned Sept. 15 amid furor over too-high ticket prices, could reportedly get a $5.6 million settlement, since his contract runs through 2019. It wouldn’t be the first taxpayer-funded college payout to raise concerns.

Fast-Food Farms

Great 20th Century Migrations
With an estimated 1 in every 122 people on earth now displaced according to the U.N., there are currently more people fleeing violence or persecution than at any other time since World War II. Here’s how the world dealt with previous mass movements of people.

Good Leaders Don’t Have to Be ‘Good’

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Homo Naledi
A protohuman


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