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‘This is the future from now on.’

Jerry Brown, California governor, addressing the role of climate change in the state’s ongoing wildfires; hundreds of homes were destroyed, and one woman was found dead Sept. 13

Red wine

The resveratrol in red wine may prevent Alzheimer’s from progressing



Diet soda

Those who drink diet soda often compensate by eating unhealthy food

‘Politics can change, and we have changed it.’

Jeremy Corbyn, far-left British lawmaker, upon being elected leader of the U.K.’s opposition Labour Party on Sept. 12; he opposes the government’s austerity measures


Percentage of sea turtles worldwide that have eaten debris, according to a new study

33 million

Number of Americans without health insurance in 2014, down 21% from the previous year

‘She played literally out of her mind.’

Serena Williams, tennis star, after losing the semi-final at the U.S. Open to unseeded Italian player Roberta Vinci; the loss ended Williams’ bid for a calendar-year Grand Slam

‘He doesn’t deserve to ever have a badge and a gun again.’

James Blake, retired tennis player, on the NYPD officer who tackled him in front of a Manhattan hotel after mistaking him for a credit-card-fraud suspect; the NYPD subsequently apologized and put the officer on desk duty.


Value of a diamond that was removed from a woman’s large intestine during a colonoscopy, after she was accused of stealing the six-carat stone from a jewelry fair

‘Our abilities have reached their limits.’

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s Vice Chancellor, as the country tightened its border security in an emergency measure responding to the continued flood of migrants trying to reach Western Europe

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