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Warner Bros. is reportedly planning a King Kong–vs.-Godzilla movie.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game, Pokémon Go, will enable users to “catch, trade and battle Pokémon in the real world.”

A rare dinosaur skeleton found in Wyoming is going up for auction in the U.K. It’s expected to fetch up to $750,000.

The recent Miley Cyrus–Nicki Minaj tiff–the two traded barbs during the MTV VMAs, after Cyrus spoke dismissively about Minaj to the New York Times–has inspired a variety of creative Etsy products.

Planet Hollywood extended Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency for two more years.

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News that a hologram of Billie Holiday will perform at the Apollo has left many fans unsettled.

YouTube user Nicole Arbour refused to apologize for her “Dear Fat People” video, which was widely criticized for being demeaning and cruel.

J.K. Rowling said that most Harry Potter fans have been pronouncing Voldemort wrong. The t is meant to be silent.

Variety accidentally published an obituary for British director Terry Gilliam, who is very much alive. He took the snafu in stride, tweeting:

‘I apologize for being dead, especially to those who have already bought tickets to [my] upcoming talks.’

Justin Bieber broke a camera on The Ellen DeGeneres Show by firing a T-shirt gun in the wrong direction.

People have pledged more than $75,000 to fund the world’s first “self-rolling yoga mat,” designed to help yogis accomplish the easiest part of their workout.

A Connecticut man got busted driving 112 m.p.h. on his way to traffic court, where he was to address a speeding ticket.

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