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Everything to Know About the Kardashians’ New Apps

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Even though they star in a reality TV show together, it’s not often that the Kardashian and Jenner daughters—Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner—make public appearances together. This made the crew’s appearance today at the Apple Store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City a rare occasion. They were there to promote promote their new set of mobile applications and websites. (Read Fortune’s prior coverage of the apps here.)

This was not your typical Apple store “Meet the Developer” event. Before it started, a host instructed a packed crowd that the question-and-answer portion of the event would not be for selfie and autograph requests. When a young women wearing a marabou tiara could not contain her shrieks of excitement, he said, “Remember, you gotta be cool.” An attendee next to me, clutching a copy of Selfish, Kim’s photo book of selfies, whispered to his friend, “I’m trying not to freak out—this has been my dream for, like, how long?”

In fashionable, wide legged business pants and flawless hair and makeup, the reality stars fielded questions about the various features of their apps, which launched today. (Except Kourtney’s, which will come later.) The apps will include more in-depth content than the stars share on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts.

“We wanted to change our digital platform and make it more than just a blog that we had before,” Kim said. “I just felt like there was no other platform that could do it all unless we do it ourselves.”

Kim praised the family’s relationship with software development company Whalerock Industries. “I was up last night until 3:30 in the morning torturing the Whalerock team to make sure everything was perfect,” she said.

Each app, which costs $3 per month to access, highlights the sisters’ individual interests. Kim’s will feature fashion and selfies, she said. Kendall’s will show off her adventures, often shot from a GoPro camera. Kylie is into makeup and her dog, Kourtney focuses on being a mom, and Khloé has a strong bent on fitness.

“Yes we are sisters, but our passions are very much individual,” Kim said.

Kim did most of the talking. When a sister noted that Kim’s app uses a black and white color scheme, she corrected her: “Yeah, but it might be white with black.” She didn’t miss the opportunity to make a selfie reference, which the crowd loved. Throughout the 30-minute conversation, the sisters waved to friends in the crowd and whispered among themselves.

The apps, with their paywall, are a way for the Kardashians to interact with fans, without the trolls and haters that come with millions of followers on social media. Kim expressed a desire to keep fan feedback constructive. “Hopefully we can try to come up with comment control or something that would make it a happy, uplifting place and not a negative place, because I don’t think that’s good for anybody’s soul.” Added Khloé: “We want to hear from fans, but we want to start changing the way of social media and have it be from all positives.”

On the topic of social media, Kim offered advice (“be consistent and authentic”) and Khloe warned that the Internet never forgets. “Whatever you post is going to last for a long time, so make sure you are going to stand by everything you’re posting, because your brand is a reflection of yourself,” she said.

When asked which apps they like best, Kourtney joked that she loved the weather app. She and Kim briefly discussed the apps they use to keep their children entertained.

To close the session, the stars held up their phones, displaying their individual apps for the crowd. The crowd, in turn, held up their own phones to photograph them, while Kim live-streamed the whole thing to her app.

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