September 9, 2015 10:29 AM EDT

Remember M. Night Shyamalan’s film The Happening? You know, the “laugh-out-loud comedy of 2008 that was supposed to be a horror movie?” The film in which “Mark Wahlberg delivers a Donny Wahlberg level of performance,” at least according to Honest Trailers who turned their gimlet eyes on the movie.

Shyamalan is returning to theaters this week with a new found footage horror flick called, The Visit, which was a good enough reason for Screen Junkies (the team behind Honest Trailers) to take a look back at the apocalyptic movie that starred Wahlberg as a teacher who noticed that something was “happening” — a thought that gets repeated a lot in the film.

As usual, the Honest Trailer takes a searingly frank look at the movie, which is considered a clunker in Shyamalan’s catalog. The Honest Trailer is so honest, it is probably making Shyamalan hang his head in dismay and ask, “Why is this happening?”

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