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This Gadget Brings GPS Navigation to Your Bike

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SmartHalo is a new bicycle GPS system that eliminates the need to check your smartphone for directions and makes biking a much safer mode of transportation.

The accessory is compatible with any regular bicycle’s set of handlebars. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and acts as a visually simplistic navigation guide. Insert your destination into the SmartHalo’s corresponding app and it will provide you with turn-by-turn directions using light signals.

The signals adapt to different levels of natural light to ensure that the directions are always visible, no matter the conditions. This weather-resistant device also detects when it’s nighttime, prompting it to activate a front-mounted bike light, which automatically turns off once you dismount.

The app allows you to track the bike’s location if you forget where you parked it, or if someone manages to steal it. The latter scenario is unlikely since the SmartHalo has an internal motion sensor that sounds an alarm if it senses “persistent meddling.” The device itself is attached to the handlebars with “tamper-proof” screws that only the owner can detach with a custom key fob.

The motion sensor is deactivated when you approach your bike because the SmartHalo is able to detect your phone. If you lost it or it ran out of battery, you can insert your own unique “tapcode” to deactivate the alarm.

It also functions as a fitness tool, measuring distance traveled, average speed, and calories burned. You can set specific goals regarding those measurements, and the SmartHalo will display your progress.

The SmartHalo Kickstarter page has surpassed its goal of $50,000. You can sign up for the “Kickstarter Special,” which is priced at $99 for one SmartHalo. The developers expect the device to be ready to ship to early adopters by May 2016. Its retail price is expected to be $149.

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