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Israel Rules Heinz Isn’t Ketchup

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In America, “Heinz” is practically synonymous with “ketchup.” But that won’t be true in Israel—at least, not in Hebrew. The country’s Health Ministry says that the company can no longer call its tomato product “ketchup” on Hebrew labels because it does not contain enough tomato paste.

The decision came after protest by a local competitor, food manufacturer Osem, who complained about the low amount of actual tomato product in the condiment, according to Haaretz. The ministry ruled that Heinz must be labeled as “tomato seasoning” in Hebrew text, though English-language labels may still use “ketchup.”

The local importer of Heinz is petitioning to have the definition of “ketchup” changed to include the iconic product. Haaretz reports the ministry is working with the importer to change the requirement from 10% tomato solids to 6%.

Only time will tell if the regulatory change will move faster than Heinz sliding out of a glass bottle.


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