August 17, 2015 3:05 PM EDT

A British photographer organizing a photoshoot in the ruins of Detroit’s Packard Plant may have left out one small detail when he booked the space: he was bringing some very fierce models.

David Yarrow was reportedly looking to snap pictures of a bobcat, two wolves and a tiger, which briefly got loose and hid out in a staircase, until authorities shut the shoot down, the Detroit Free Press reports. Yarrow, whose website describes him as a conservationist, often features wildlife, including tigers, in his work. (TIME’s requests for comment from Yarrow were not immediately returned.)

“We arranged for a photography group of humans to be on site for two days,” Kari Smith, project manager for the Packard Plant Project told the newspaper. “We never approved any animals being on the site, and we had the matter taken care of in the first hour. We do not condone animals being on the site here, and the shoot was canceled. This is nothing we signed on for.” Smith said no animals were harmed and that trainers were on hand to get the tiger back in its cage.

Local resident Andy Didorosi tried to help get the tiger out of the staircase after a friend called him seeking assistance. Didorosi used a noisy weedwhacker and a blue tarp to try and scare the tiger back to where it was supposed to be, but he moved away after noticing the animal “got tiger rage.” His attempt was captured in a video uploaded to his Facebook:

But overall Didorosi wasn’t impressed with the photoshoot. “People think it’s OK to bring super dangerous animals into the city without alerting the authorities because they think people don’t care, because they think it’s a cesspool and that they can do whatever [they] want,” he told the Free Press. “That is not cool.”

[Detroit Free Press]

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