These Are the Celebrities America Decided to Hate Since 2013

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Kim Kardashian may be the most disliked celebrity in America, but at least her likability isn’t dropping.

According to Q Scores, which measures Americans’ favorable and unfavorable opinions of people and brands, Kardashian has the highest negative rating (trailed by Justin Bieber), but Bill Cosby has seen the biggest spike in his negative score in the last two years, with a 43-point increase—likely thanks to accusations from dozens of women that he sexually assaulted them, which he denies. Ariana Grande saw the second biggest spike in unfavorable ratings since 2013 (the doughnut-licking incident probably didn’t help), followed by Mehmet Oz in third place and Robin Thicke in fourth, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Celebrities, be warned: unless you’re going for the love-to-hate vibe, get yourselves some good PR teams.


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