See What $200,000 iPhones Look Like

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Luxury design company Brikk, known for its exorbitantly bejeweled Apple devices, launched on Thursday a gold-plated, diamond-studded iPhone 6s line in anticipation of Apple’s ritual unveiling of a new iPhone each September. Brikk’s iPhone 6s devices — that’s what the tech world expects Apple to name its next iPhone — range $7,995 to $199,995, and are available now for pre-order with an expected shipping date of 3-4 weeks after Apple’s official iPhone 6s release.

The most expensive device in Brikk's new line is the Lux iPhone 6s Plus Yellow Gold Diamonds Omni - White 128GB, retailing at $199,995, with 24-karat gold and up to 50 carats of diamonds. Yellow gold can be swapped for pink gold or platinum. The device also comes in black.Brikk
The Lux iPhone 6s with a large diamond logo — hand-polished and set with a microscope — come in platinum, yellow gold and pink gold. The 4.7" screen versions retail at $11,895 for yellow and pink gold, and $12,295 for platinum.Brikk
The cheapest device in Brikk's new line is the Lux iPhone 6s Pink Gold with a 4.7" screen, which costs $7,995. The yellow gold version at the same price is also available.Brikk
A model gazes sadly at the Lux iPhone 6s in 24-karat yellow gold, the diamond-less and cheapest option among the 5.5"-screen devices ($8,995).Brikk
A gold-plated model shows off an iPhone 6s with Brikk's diamond-studded heptagon logo.Brikk
A model sees her own reflection in the Lux iPhone 6s Plus Diamonds Large in 24-karat yellow gold ($10,895).Brikk

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