Hillary Clinton Vies to Be the First Emoji President

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Hillary Clinton ❤️️s millennials.

In an effort to engage with younger voters, the Democratic presidential candidate asked them to share their thoughts on student loans using only emoji, the cutesy pictograms that litter social media.

That’s a rather complex issue to boil down, but we noticed a few specific emoji popped up frequently: the pile of poo, the skull and the pistol. Suffice it to say, younger voters are not happy about their student loans.

Here are some of the responses which followed Clinton’s rules:

And then, of course, came the responses that did not follow the three-emoji rule. There were those who mocked her attempts to connects with the youths:

Some people questioned her oversimplification of a complicated topic:

Others decided to turn around and ask her a question:

Some people showed their overall support while letting her down gently:

And then, finally, there were the people who anticipated this blowing up in Clinton’s face:

But it was a more specific complaint:

That led her social media director to apologize:

We look forward to seeing voters’ three-emoji thoughts on fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reforming immigration next.

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