People Are Tweeting Donald Trump About Their Periods

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A hashtag about periods is circulating on Twitter following Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Megyn Kelly during the GOP debate.

“You know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump told CNN host Don Lemon on Friday, adding that Kelly was “off base.” Trump has since released a statement that he was referring to her nose when he said “wherever,” and not to what many interpreted as menstruation. But that didn’t stop Erick Erickson from uninviting Trump from attending a conservative event, RedState Gathering. And it hasn’t stopped people on Twitter from trolling Trump either.

Amber Gordon, a Hillary Clinton supporter who founded the website Femsplain about a year ago, said she was in bed and feeling uncomfortable because of her period when she saw Trump’s remarks and decided to Tweet at him.

“I remember in middle school when guys would say ‘oh, you must be on your period!'” Gordon told TIME. “It’s what year and we’re still using periods as an insult?”

Since the first Tweet, the hashtag has taken off with women and men, and Gordon created a website, complete with a red, glittery letters and text that reads: “Are you someone who gets a period? On it now? Great. Let @realDonaldTrump know and keep track of your flow at the same time!”

“A lot of good discussions have happened in the hashtag, and I think it’s important for people who get periods to discuss this,” she says. “I hope the hashtag can transcend Donald Trump.”

See some of the Tweets below.

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