Janeane Garofalo

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Are you a big Netflix binge watcher?

I don’t use a computer, nor do I have a smartphone. I know you don’t believe that. Many people can’t believe it. People will believe in a deity, extraterrestrial ghosts, but this one thing they can’t believe. I’m a bit of a neo-Luddite.

Some of your returning castmates–Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler–have become huge stars since 2001. What’s it like watching their careers?

Well, I thought Paul Rudd was really famous, to tell you the truth, from Clueless. I think it’s thrilling. It couldn’t have happened to nicer and more deserving people. Bradley is a fantastic guy and works really hard, as does Amy. Their work ethics are ridiculous.

You’ve said that you were drunk while filming most of the original movie. What was the vibe like this time?

It was the opposite of that! We were shooting in L.A., whereas last time, we were in Pennsylvania and stayed at the camp the entire time. You had a bunch of younger people who were still drinking heavily and having the time of their lives. This time, even though it was very fun, you had people who were sober, commuting to work, with families and not bed-hopping.

You’re known for your politics as well as your comedy. Will the 2016 race give comedians good material?

There’s always something to discuss. The problem is when it becomes too tragic, when certain right-wing nonsense is actually culturally criminal: the anti-immigrant stuff, the Donald Trump nonsense. Yes, we can laugh at Donald Trump. But when prideful ignorance and homophobia and misogyny and xenophobia become accepted political rhetoric, that’s not funny to me.

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