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August 4, 2015 10:56 AM EDT

Have you ever wished that McDonald’s had a burger with pineapple, tortilla chips, a fried egg, sliced beetroot, and jalapeños all wrapped in lettuce? Well, you can now make that happen if you live down under. And by that I mean Australia, not down under the dumpster outside your local Mickey D’s.

McDonald’s is currently hosting a “Create Your Taste” contest in Australia. It offers customers the opportunity to customize their own burger using a list of 30 ingredients. They can enter their creation online for a chance to win one of 100,000 possible prizes. Winners may get a free meal at the chain, a trip to Thailand, or one of the 99,998 options in between.

McDonald’s displays some of the creations on their website along with the artist’s name. Here are a few interesting concoctions:

Matt made a sandwich with two angus patties with red onion, cheddar, caramelized onions, rasher bacon, grilled pineapple, a fried egg, tomato chili jam and aioli wrapped in lettuce. Sounds messy.

Isabella’s creation includes an angus patty with jalapeños, red onion, cheddar, Swiss, rasher bacon, guacamole, tomato chili jam, dijonnaise and herb aioli on a brioche bun. Four condiments. These people are bold.

Alex whipped up something for all you vegetarians out there: Jalapeños, red onion, pickle, tomato, sliced beetroot, herb aioli, and three slices of lettuce wrapped in lettuce. This guy really likes lettuce.

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