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Some Evil Genius Sent a Robot To a Fast Food Drive Thru and Freaked Everyone Out

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We live in a world where Amazon wants to start delivering via drones, Uber will deliver you food and, when you push a button on apps like Seamless, food just magically arrives at your doorstep. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that robots are now picking up food from drive-thrus for us. But somebody forgot to tell the clerks that news.

In a new prank from YouTube user MagicofRahat, a robot rolls up to the drive-through windows of fast food restaurants and, predictably, terrifies the poor restaurant workers. While many of the clerks simply shriek and run from the windows, those who wait are greeted by the robot who introduces itself as “IO.” Reactions to the robot vary, though one cashier shrugs and asks the robot “Please don’t be Ultron, okay?” That seems like a reasonable request.

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